De Googlify Your Life

Instead of waiting for this to be “complete”, I am going to release it, and will keep adding to it.

Things you can do to reduce the presence of Google in your life:

  • Up until now
    • Check to see what accounts you have online. Stop logging into websites using Google
    • Check degooglisons to see what services there are you can use.
    • Check your Google activity to see what data Google has stored. You can download all your data.
  • Going forward
    • Ads/Tracking
      • Follow this to stop Google from showing you targeted ads.
      • Switching from Google Chrome (and chromium?) to Firefox
    • Search
    • Email
      • Look into replacements for Gmail. ProtonMail and are the two candidates.
      • Look into GPG and encrypting your email in general.
    • Maps
      • Keep using Google Maps!
      • Stop the location tracking, you won’t be able to fully turn it off though
    • Other services
      • Switch your domain management from Google domains to Namecheap
      • Switch from Google keep to a note taking and syncing via syncthing system
      • Switch your DNS server from Google’s to or OpenNIC


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