Amir H. Sadoughi

Writer ... solely for compilers, and now maybe for humans too!

De Googlify Your Life

Instead of waiting for this to be “complete”, I am going to release it, and will keep adding to it. Things you can do to reduce the presence of Google in your life: Up until now Check to see what accounts you have online. Stop logging into websites using Google Check degooglisons to see what services there are you can use. Check your Google activity to see what data Google has stored.

My first post using Hugo, Github, and Netlify

Fixing my old website and perhaps writing more frequently had been on my to-do list for a while now. A friend of mine, Danny Guo, told me about Netlify a few weeks ago and I started reading about it and then about Hugo and got hooked. And here we are, my first post, written in markdown, powered by Hugo, and deployed by Netlify. I can keep my source under git and can easily publish a post by a pushing to Github, and if that excites you too, we have enough in common to hold a conversation or two!